Because sometimes this life makes me feel like this:

LesleeAnd sometimes it makes me feel like this:

ColinAnd then sometimes it makes me feel like this:

meI share because it feels important to me to be real and authentic. I have received comments before about being put together or some such and I want to always be sure to be honest that there are many days I think I’m going crazy. This life is fluid. It has amazing highs and incredible lows, sometimes all in the span of an hour. I feel guilty, I feel proud, I feel inspired, I feel humbled…the list goes on. And, I want to share that. I want to give a true portrait of what my parenting life (or my life in general) is like. Sometimes it is beautiful and loving and poignant. Other times it is harsh and angry and loud.

In my community, I see mothers from all over the spectrum of philosophy that have great triumphs and great sorrow. I want them all to feel as though they are not alone. I want them to know that I see how hard it can be, or how easy it can be. I understand that it’s never the same and that none of us is perfect all the time.

At LLL yesterday, we were talking about guilt. So much guilt. Let’s start right now and let go of that! Guilt isn’t helping us be better. It’s strangling us. It’s keeping us caught in the “shoulds” and “coulds” and “what ifs” and “if onlys”. Screw that! Let’s live and love and everything in between, and know that it is all a part of being human, learning, evolving.