I Need The Vagina Monologues


….my heart still remembers being called a slut before I’d ever had sex

….my friend was raped, then told by the local police department that it wasn’t rape because she had been drinking

….it has taken 32 years for me to even conceive of the idea that my body belongs solely to me.

….I was asked what I may have done to instigate being molested as a child

….”don’t touch that” and more are so deeply ingrained in me that I have trouble allowing my husband, or even myself, to touch those intimate places

….waiting until signs of abuse surface in a relationship to leave is waiting too long

….it was over ten years after I first engaged in sexual intercourse that I truly understood what “ring my bell” and other euphemisms for orgasm meant

….I have borne witness to heinous abuses of vaginas and the women to whom they belong

….I see the beauty and power of women’

….the most fierce and bravest warriors I know all have vaginas