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This past weekend, I attended a women’s spiritual retreat led by a friend of mine.  I was moved to tears when she read an adapted version of the following:


The Sacred Work

The sacred work
is the work for which
you were born.

It is that which
is encoded in you
in every fiber of being
that houses your
bright spirit.

If you listen
it will call to you
from the inside.
Asking, calling,
even begging
for you to release
it from its cage
of reason.
Of logic.
Of acting normal.
Getting it right.
Waiting for ‘ready’.

If you listen it
is knocking from
the door inside.
Do you know
where that door is
upon which
is written
your holy name?

The name that
belongs to the part
of you that knows
who you are?
The name you
struggle with
or don’t dare to say
out loud?
For fear of being
hurt, or heard?

Medicine woman.

The time has come,
even today.
For those who are able
to rise into the work


If you feel anxiety,
fatigue, if you wonder
what it is all about.
If you wonder when your
time will come.
There is only one thing
I know that is the remedy
for this over-culturation
that keeps us captured
from our soul’s deepest song.

It is this:

To declare your sacred work.

~Shiloh Sophia

Now, I admit to being a fairly sensitive person who “feels” a lot most of the time.  This was something different, though I can not fully describe it.  I know I felt every word of this, that it called to my deepest senses.  I heard the words “sacred work” and my spine tingled.  I immediately heard the word that resides hidden in my very soul.  It’s something I know I can not escape, even if I wanted to.

We were asked to speak our sacred work aloud and, with tears streaming down my face, I did.  The next day, I sat down with my journal to write some extra thoughts from the retreat.  This is what I wrote about that moment:

She speaks the words and I hear the rumble

Rumbling, within me

It IS a calling

For it calls to me

Deep in my soul, my heart, my sleep

It is in every fiber of my being

Every breath

It is who I am

And yet, I dare not speak the name

So noble, loving, compassionate

So…. much …..

Wrapped in the word of heart’s desire

The drum beats

Tears flow

Shall I give it the voice it yearns for

Set aside the politics

Society’s definition

I know who I am

What my sacred work, my calling, is

To be with woman

I.  Am.  Midwife.