1.  Beautiful day for the park.  We had plans to go the park with cousins today, so it was a delight to see the sun and feel the cool breeze.

2.  Enjoying cousin time.  I can’t quite describe how much I enjoy seeing my kids playing with my cousin’s kids.  It brings back all the fun memories I have of playing with my own cousins, something which I hope they will also look back on fondly some day.

3.  Enjoying cousin time.  I appreciate that *I* enjoy spending time with my cousins now, as an adult.  I especially enjoy feeling that way about those who aren’t “blood” related, but married into the family.  The lady on the bridge in the picture below is one of my favorites.

4.  Having fun at the park.  I’ve been making a concentrated effort to enjoy park time with the kids.  I leave the phone in the car and don’t expect to “get things done”.  Instead, I plan to follow M around (the only one who really needs supervision these days) doing what is requested.

5.  Running into friends I rarely see.  I’m accustomed to seeing people I know when I’m out and about; it’s one of the hazards of living in a small town since birth.  In any case, it’s always pleasant to see someone I haven’t seen in a while.

6.  Running into other friends who I see fairly regularly but have been out-of-town for what seems like FOREVER.  I was watching this lady swing at the park, admiring her pretty yellow shirt, then saw the kid playing nearby who was hanging off some bars like a monkey.  I was smiling and thinking how it looked like the child was having fun when all of a sudden I realized I knew the kid!  It was my little friend E, which meant the lady in the pretty yellow shirt was my friend D.  As silly as it sounds, I’m pretty sure I blurted out “D!” in a shrill tone because I was *that* excited.  I was able to refrain from running like a goon.

7.  Packing a lunch.  I often don’t think about or don’t have (make) time to pack a lunch when we head out for a few hours.  Today, I made myself take something so I would be sure to eat.  It’s amazing how eating regularly improves my mood AND keeps the headaches at bay.

8.  Sending a kid for an overnight.  B doesn’t get to go very many places overnight, so it’s always fun when it does happen.  This particular friend usually comes to our house, but B occasionally gets to accompany the kid to meemaw’s house.  They both find it exhilarating, and mamas get a break.  It’s the best of both worlds!

9.  Getting a new plant.  My friend works for a florist and every once in a while brings me a plant.  I rarely splurge on buying non-food-producing plants, mostly because I’m a horrible gardener and don’t want to waste my money.  When my friend gives them to me, I take better care of them because I don’t want to be rude BUT if I do happen to kill them, at least I haven’t wasted money.

10.  Truck driver.  We have a regular truck driver for our co-operative.  This truck driver is congenial, super helpful and treats us like we’re awesome.  When delivering the produce to the store, he always unloads the pallet and takes the food to the cooler, stacking it tetris-style so as not to take up too much room.  Last order, a different driver came and while he was also nice, it just wasn’t the same.  I was so glad to have D back, and told him so.

11.  Record keeping.  I’m not the most organized person (you’re shocked, right?) but I do keep decent records for our produce co-op.  When something comes in bad or not at all, like this week, I’m thankful for keeping those records to show for credits.

12.  Yummy dinner I didn’t have to cook.  You may have figured out by now that M does a lot of the cooking.  I am a lucky lady when it comes to meal times.

13.  Chocolate.  Mm..Aldi has pretty decent chocolates, BTW.

14.  Computer mouse.  The one I had been using crapped out.  Thank goodness we had a spare in the garage.  Unfortunately, that one got crap on it.  Eww.. Anyway, I got it cleaned up, sanitized, etc. and it’s almost as good as new.  Most of the time I don’t really need to use a mouse, but when I start working on spreadsheets it is a necessity!

15.  Getting to see what has been chomping on my tomato plants/showing the kids.  Yeah, it’s cool to know that, but what’s even cooler is the spontaneous learning that took place upon discovering it.  This is what homeschooling is all about for our family.  We found the worm, so we discussed what it ate, why it ate that, how it ate that, what would happen to it, whether we should move it or kill it or leave it (we settled on leaving it because M was so impressed with its size).

tomato worm

According to google, this is a tomato hornworm who will eventually turn into a five-spotted hawkmoth, or a manduca quinquemaculata.