I didn’t do so well on this day.  I’ve gotten lazy about writing out my list through the day, so now I have to go back and think about what I was grateful for…what did I even do on this day??!

1. Pay day!  This probably doesn’t need any explanation…

2.  Groceries.  I have a minor food “issue”.  If we ever were rich (financially), I’d probably spend the majority of our money on food.

3.  Paying bills.  Every bill paid means less we owe later, more responsibility, etc.  While watching the bank account dwindle down rapidly is not exactly my favorite, paying the bills and knowing they’re paid do feel pretty good.

4.  Acquiring boxes for free.  My neighbors just received all their stuff from Alaska, so they’ve been unpacking in the front yard while the kids play.  I finally got up the nerve to ask what they’re doing with all the boxes and packing paper, and came home with a garage full of boxes!

5.  Packing boxes.  I’m proud of myself for packing a little bit here and there, instead of waiting until the last-minute.  This is not my strong suit, I procrastinate by nature.  Changing my nature in favor of a trait that works better when managing a busy household is no small feat.

6.  Cleaning house.  Packing is helping me clean out, de-clutter, re-prioritize.  I accumulate things and it feels good to let some of it go.  It also feels good to get rid of feeling like my house is coming in around me.

7.  Kids getting along (at least for a bit).  Ah, the sounds of all the children playing together.  Rare in this house and oh so precious.

8.  Phone that works the way it’s supposed to.  YES!  I have had two “smart”phones now, neither of which led me to believe smartphones were the way to go.  This new phone (free, BTW) makes me understand why people love them so much.  I can do everything on this phone!

9.  Making a shop list and sticking to it (sort of).  I feel so accomplished when I do this, not to mention the money I save.  I still buy super sale items, as money allows.

10.  Sales.  I really like shopping at Kroger.  I used to think they were more expensive, but after shopping there for a while I found that they were often comparable to other stores and when they have sales or mark down items going out of date, they are cheaper…sometimes even cheaper than Aldi!  They are coupon-friendly, plus you can register your Kroger card online to get digital coupons and a weekly free item.

And here we are….I didn’t make it to fifteen.  I’m pretty sure this is simply because it’s actually the following week and I just can’t remember what I did on this day.  Making a list throughout the day is imperative to the functioning of this challenge!