In case you’ve been wondering, I keep a running log of gratefulness throughout the day that I translate into a post later.  So, even though I’m not getting the posts up every day, I am doing the “work”.  🙂 1.  Lower prices.  Ordering produce is like a crap shoot; I never know what the price will be until I call in (or email) my order list.  Sometimes there are items that have gone up in price, which I usually cancel unless it’s a minimal jump that doesn’t translate into more than a few cents per order.  Sometimes, though, items go down in price, which always feels a bit like winning the lottery.  What’s that?  I thought everyone was going to have to pay $5/lb and now they’re only paying $3?  YEAH!   2.  Pleasant sales person.  I usually deal with the same sales rep. and I appreciate the time taken attending to the needs of my co-op, reworking prices when there’s a problem, chit chatting about this or that (today I was told that ice cream was indeed a perfectly acceptable breakfast after commenting that our ordering was best done via email due to my amazing parenting skills of feeding kids ice cream first thing in the morning…now that is service!). 3.  Email “groups”.  I love the gmail feature that allows me to put multiple contacts into one group.  When it comes time to email the produce group, I simply type in “organic produce” and bam! it pops everyone in.  I can’t imagine how frustrating and time-consuming it would be to manually put in each address. 4.  Lovely weather.  We’re heading out to a park today, so I’m grateful that it’s not too hot or too cold.  Perfect. 5.  Playgroups at the park.  We have a weekly playgroup with other home schooling families.  Today it was at one of my favorite parks. 6.  Visiting with friends.  We’re at the stage now where I don’t often get to actually visit at playgroups, but instead spend the time following M around.  He’s adventurous and quite capable for being just two, but he still needs some supervision.  Anyway, on this day he spent most of the hours within eyesight and I was able to visit with friends! 7.  Kids getting along.  Ah, what a rare gem this is.  With four kids, someone is always fighting with someone.  It’s enough to drive a mama batty.  For a glorious amount of time this afternoon, all the kids were getting along. 8.  McDonald’s Happy Hour.  We live within two miles of a McDonald’s and have to pass it anytime we come home or go anywhere.  This is super convenient when we need it as well as horribly awful because we stop way more than we should.  Every day from 2 – 4pm, they have $1 off cafe drinks for “happy hour”, which the kids (and me) like to take advantage of.  L and I split an iced coffee, the younger ones get a chiller for $1. 9.  Azure Standard.  We’ve been ordering a few things in bulk for over a year now, but we just started with this new company.  They give you the option to order just one or the bulk, so that’s a cheaper way to try out something.  The prices are low, comparable to most stores in this area and cheaper on several items.  Feeding my family good, whole food without breaking the bank is important to me, so I appreciate this company. 10.  Diligence.  This has been imperative during our house search. 11.  Friends who babysit at the drop of a hat.  Also super helpful during our house search. 12.  Easy dinner for family.  I’m in a cooking funk lately, so I appreciate having quick, easy things to fix. 13.  Take out dinner for me.  I had a meeting tonight, so after dinner was fixed for my family I called in an order from Jimmy John’s to be delivered to the meeting place.  Yum! 14.  Recognizing the power of language.  At my meeting, I used some words that I realized were probably not conducive to having a positive continuing dialogue.  It wasn’t my intention to hurt anyone’s feelings or be rude, but I had to recognize that words have an attached meaning in our society, often independent of whatever intention I may have in speaking them. 15.  Acknowledging when I misspeak.  Or maybe this should say “ability to swallow pride and admit I was wrong.”  Either way, I’m grateful to recognize and acknowledge when I need to make amends since I’m sure there are times I overlook this.