1.  Cool days.  I am aptly named, as summer is my favorite season.  These cool days are a nice reprieve, though, from the sweltering heat/humidity as well as saving me money by allowing me to open windows without having to also be naked in front of the fan!

2.  Giving away.  Why does it feel so good to give away?  I don’t know, but it does and I’m grateful to have things to give away, the cleaning out of my house and the good feeling it gives me.

3.  Rollanet.  This site has helped us find a place to live (hopefully it will help us find another one!), help a mama looking for birth options, childcare, employment and more.  It’s a wealth of information/resources at our fingertips.

4.  Being of service to mamas.  This one is mostly selfish.  It feels good.  It makes my heart all warm and fuzzy to listen to them and hear what they need, then assist them in finding that.

5.  Missing/appreciating friends.  It’s been a while since I’ve seen one of my friends and I realized while she was gone just how much I’ve come to appreciate her.

6.  Failure.  I fail at things.  A LOT.  It’s kind of downer when that happens until I realize that failing teaches me way more than achieving!  Failing first allows the (sometimes) eventual victory to be more sweet as well as keeps me humble (sometimes).  It helps me to recognize where I can do better, which isn’t really a bad thing, right?

7.  Surprise cheese in the fridge.  Not like, “Oh! I made cheese by accident.”  I ordered a  brick of cheese with my last co-op order and I thought it was all gone until I found a hunk in the back of the cheese drawer.  Score!

8.  Vacuum sealer.  My mother-in-law gave me one last year and it took me forever to use it.  It’s awesome!  The food stays fresh longer, with no nasty freezer burn taste.

9.  Using up what we have.  There are times I get overwhelmed with an abundance of leftovers or extra produce or gifted food.  I try my best to always use up things, or at the very least preserve them for future use, before they go bad, but occasionally it just doesn’t happen.  This day I finally got the surplus cherries put away and now I feel like a rockstar.

10.  Long shower to myself.  I love these.  Often, it’s the only “self-care” I get in a day.  I used to be a more practical shower-taker, but then I had more kids and alone time took on a whole new meaning.  Things we take for granted….like pooping privacy….disappeared.  M encouraged me to shower solo for a few precious minutes, and now I’m hooked.

11.  Kids who help out.  Even when they don’t want to.  I have to admit I get annoyed when I think they aren’t like those mythical kids who always want to help out their beloved mama but instead have lives/interests of their own. Really, when the chips are down they help out a LOT.  I’m working on being more respectful of their time as opposed to thinking they’re “doing nothing” while whatever I want them to do is a must-do-right-now-or-die task.  Baby steps, my friends.

12.  Hearing a kid.  L made an offhand comment about something I did today and in that moment I was able to hear it.  Usually, I have to work on acceptance later because my gut reaction is to take everything personally and get frustrated/upset/mad.  On this one, though, I heard the need behind the criticism and responded to it.  Yes!

13.  Ability to be somewhat picky.  Our house rollercoaster is exhausting.  Many days I have to actively work to be grateful about something house related.  Today, I’m choosing the ability to *somewhat* picky.  We do have a roof over our heads, one that we can afford to stay in as long as needed (financially speaking), so that is something to be grateful for.

14.  Produce orders.  Ah, I’ve missed my produce.  We skipped an order and my poor fridge looked so lonely and desperate.  I haven’t eaten a salad in days!  I am so looking forward to delicious real food.

15.  Coffee.  Sometimes I need just a little pick-me-up.  🙂