1.  New phone.  WooHOO!!!  I’ve been waiting and waiting to get enough reward points or for the cell company to have a good promotion so I could get a new phone for cheap. The time finally came and I am so grateful to say goodbye to my glitchy old phone.

2.  US Cellular.  I was so excited to have enough accumulated to get my new phone that I ran to the store without really thinking through the timing or the insanity of taking three rambunctious kids into a business.  Considering how long it took, they actually did well.  Even more impressive, though, was the accomodating staff.  No one blinked an eye when they played dead in the middle of the store or tried to play with every. single. phone.  In fact, one of the employees noticed them holding a sonic screwdriver, then spent a while discussing all things Whovian with them.  Another told B it was okay to play games and videos on the model phones, which allowed the last twenty minutes of our long visit to be peaceful.

3.  Pizza.  I don’t know why pizza is so good, it just is.  The whole family likes pizza, so we have it fairly often.  What is it about the oozing cheese??

4.  Family Video.  For me, this place does more than sell movies.  It was my ticket to freedom when I needed to get out of a bad relationship.  It symbolized a new life for me and is actually the place I met M.  It served me well as a life step.  I have many reasons to be grateful for this place and I feel them every time I step foot in there.  It feels like a place of comfort, an old friend.  Of course, the movie selection isn’t too bad either.

5.  Crockpot recipes.  I have a bunch of black-eyed peas that are just languishing in my pantry.  Like an good domestic goddess, I posted on Facebook asking for recipes.  A friend posted one for the crockpot and I decided to give it a whirl.  It wasn’t bad at all!  I didn’t have all the ingredients and winging it isn’t exactly my strong suit, so it probably could have been better.  It’s always good to have new ways to cook things, especially in the crockpot.

6.  Toaster oven.  We got rid of our microwave last year because it stopped working.  We switched over to just a large toaster oven.  Several months ago, it also stopped working (maybe our food kills appliances???) and we haven’t ever gotten around to buying a new one.  It’s not horribly inconvenient, just energy inefficient.  Anyway, a friend happened to be giving one away and we are now the proud owners of a new-to-us toaster oven.  Convenience rocks.

7.  Chatting with good friend.  T and I have been friends for a long time, almost 10 years now…wow!  We should have an anniversary or something.  She’s really awesome and really, truly my bestest best friend.  I can tell her anything.  We used to go to each other’s houses and talk for hours upon hours.  Then, we each had two more kids and well, conversations get clipped into phrases between potty or snack or fighting or a million other little things.  I highly value the times we are able to get five minutes of uninterrupted chatting.

8.  Paying it forward with books.  When I first started expressing my desire to serve families during birth times, friends passed along books, tools, sculptures and anything else they thought I might like (I am the proud owner of an antique breast pump).  I have appreciated the slow accumulation of materials via generous friends who support my passion as well as my own occasional purchase.  As I’m clearing out my things in preparation for moving, I decided it was time to let go of some of the books I don’t use often or don’t need.  I was able to pass them on to another friend who is on her own birthy path.  Being able to support someone else in this passion feels amazing and is only a tiny part of tangibly giving back from those who support me.

9.  Bleach.  I know, I know, it’s bad and blah, blah, blah.  It also cuts mold/mildew like nobody’s business.  It’s the only substance that gets my toilet even remotely clean (still not actually white or anything, but better).  I also *gulp* like the smell, even as I can feel it burning my nose hairs.

10.  Recycling Center.  It’s multi-purpose…learning experience for the kids who like to help (throw glass), getting rid of things in my house, helping out the environment a teeny tiny bit.  Lots to be grateful for.

11.  Fixing things.  I thought I broke the *new* coffee press.  Luckily, half asleep husband was able to get it fixed.  Whew!

12.  New breakfast dish.  Yum.  I love food.  Seriously.  M whipped up something last-minute that I will definitely be putting into rotation.  It was shredded potatoes, whisked eggs and cheese, thrown into the oven for a bit.

13.  Movie time with kids.  I used to (still do sometimes) worry that we watch too much TV.  There are times, like this day, hat I can sit and appreciate this family activity.  We make jokes, snuggle on the couch (well, some of us), eat snacks and talk.

14.  Similar humor.  It’s fun being a family and finding similar things funny.

15.  Bed.  I’m surprised this one hasn’t come up more in this challenge.  I really do like my bed and going to sleep in it.