1.  Days off with husband.  Sometimes the days off are annoying and frustrating.  It’s difficult to acclimate your day to someone who isn’t home many days of the week and the same could be said for him trying to acclimate to us.  I love when the day goes smoothly.

One of my favorites from our wedding.

One of my favorites from our wedding.

2.  Trash services.  Today is pickup day and I’m always glad to see our trash go.  After several weeks of picking up trash that’s been knocked out of the can by either the neighbor dog or a wild animal, I finally (duh!) had the bright idea to bring the cans up to the house until Sunday nights.  Brilliant!  Having those smelly things so close to the house also encourages more gratitude for having them empty.

3.  Moving boxes.  I acquired some of these from a friend a month or two ago.  At the time, I decided it was a stupid thing for me to do.  Today, I’m happy to have them for starting the packing process.

4.  Discovering old books.  I have a large shelf in my bedroom for my “business” books.  These encompass any book that I think a client might find useful to borrow.  I’ve read almost all of them.  I had forgotten about some that I read years ago which are useful to read again, plus a few that I haven’t ever really read.  It’s like christmas in my house.

5.  Getting rid of extra.  It feels good to pare down.  I don’t do it often enough, instead opting to hang onto things for dear life until I feel like my house is consuming me.  As a preemptive strike, I’m attempting to get rid of more.  I’m always surprised how much lighter I feel.

6.  Donuts.  Homemade.  I’ve never had homemade donuts before and it was worth waiting 32 years!  Wowza!  They were just sweet enough without being sickeningly so…until I ate so many I made myself sick.  Oh well, perhaps I’ll have a little more self-control tomorrow.

7.  Coffee with a “kick”.  When M made coffee this afternoon, I asked for half a cup.  I knew I might wind up not sleeping if I had more than that, so I was pleased when he brought me one outside.  Much to my surprise, he put a little bit of vodka in it for me.  I’m a sucker for coffee with liquor.  Kudos to me for sticking with my little half cup.

8.  Smartphone.  I was hesitant to get one of these, but I sure enjoy the convenience.  It’s nice to be able to jump on and check my email when I’m waiting for a response without having to sit at the computer.  Having that flexibility encourages me to stay offline more often as well as sometimes breaking up the monotony of following kids around outside.

9.  Naps.  I know we’re quickly moving toward a nap-free life and I know I’ll miss it.  That hour or two gives me sweet relief in the middle of the day that I’m not quite ready to give up yet.

10.  Clean dishes.  I used to complain about dishes a LOT.  Somewhere along the way, they became a sort of zen exercise for me.  I still have my moments of being annoyed, especially on days where it seems like all I do are dishes!  Today, I can’t remember how many I did because I somehow managed to breeze through them.  I even cleaned the sink!

11.  Tape.  I like tape.  This family uses a lot.  We use tape to repair books when M rips the pages (often), hang posters in the teen room and, today, to secure moving boxes.  M also kept himself busy by playing with a roll of scotch tape for a good fifteen minutes or so.

12.  Craft supplies.  I try to keep these on hand, as funds allow, but admit that I often forget about them.  When I cleaned out the diapers from a set of drawers a few months back, I moved many supplies from a tub in the garage to there.  Now it’s easier to plop the kids at the table for some crafty fun.

13.  Collections.  As I’m packing up my birthy bookshelf, I see the nice-size collection I’ve accumulated.  Many books have come via friends who know of my passion.  It’s a visual reminder of the years I’ve put into this calling so far.

14.  Kids who are learning to communicate clearly with others.  C was playing with a friend who said to “shut your eyes” and then smacked his chest hard enough to leave a handprint.  Instead of hitting back, C ran to me.  We discussed what had happened, with the result of us both letting the other child know that hitting is not acceptable at our home.  C said, “It hurts when you hit me.  I don’t want to be hit.”

15.  Kids who aren’t generally *mean*, except to their siblings. They are aggressive when they play, absolutely, but it’s almost always a game to them, something they’re playing, not an attempt to actually hurt anyone.  Except when it is.  And the siblings don’t count.  😉