1.  Late work mornings.  M didn’t have to go in early today, which is nice.  We like to have leisurely mornings together with coffee.

2.  Finding old movie favorites.  B was cleaning out the closet and found a movie we had forgotten about, which we promptly rectified.

3.  Lazy days.  There are days when you just need to relax and not feel pressure to accomplish much.  I find a few of these every so often (or more) are a requirement for keeping a positive sanity level in our house.

4.  Being okay with lazy days.  Even though I know the above, it can be hard to allow/accept that need.

5.  Friends who help look for places to live.  After posting about renewed house searching, several friends contacted me about places they saw while going about their days.  It’s great to know people are looking out for us.

6.  Dancing kids.  Oh my goodness!  Every time little M dances, a smile moves across my face.  It is adorable.  Little bum wiggles, arms move, hips sway…then turning in a circle until dizzy.  I keep trying to catch it on video, but it’s illegal to film a naked kid.  😉

7. Mutual apologizing.  Today was the first time I saw my neighbor since an incident occurred and I was worried about it.  I’d been feeling a pull to go to her, but I had neglected to follow through on that pull out of my own discomfort.  Talking to each other, acknowledging the situation and moving from there was a tremendous blessing.  I was able to say what I felt like needed to be said, to express the compassion that felt important instead of the anger which felt trivial.

8.  Accepting responsibility for roles.  This was a surprise.  I’m grateful for the opportunity to recognize, through dialogue, the responsibility each of us has in certain situations.  This was also uncomfortable to recognize and speak of, but it got done anyway.

9.  Details.  I like to know things, preferably directly from the source.  I appreciate being enlightened with details in situations, not only because I’m curious but also because I want to learn…why do people do what they do?  What could have helped?  What can be done now?  There’s so much to learn in this life, but details are necessary to learning, especially details that come firsthand.

10.  Using up what we have.  This always makes me feel so accomplished!

11.  Food that tastes good.  Double bonus when using up what we have actually tastes good.  This isn’t always the case, and then I get stuck eating most of it.

12.  Bubble baths.  Bubbles seem to be a cure-all.  Having a bad evening?  Toss the kids in the bath with bubbles!  It’s all better.  I like to use a lavender body wash as bubbles, so we have the added calming benefits of lavender.

13.  Alone time with the oldest.  This is a rare treat, as I generally fall asleep quickly after the little ones, while this child stays up half the night.  On nights when the little ones go down early enough, I savor the moments of watching angsty vampire dramas or scary movies.

14.  Reassurance about parenting.  Every once in a long, long while, I get a tiny blip of something or other that lets me know (maybe) I’m not screwing up so badly after all.

15.  Pinterest.  I distinctly remember saying something snide about Pinterest when I first started hearing about it.  I have officially eaten my words; I’ve jumped on the bandwagon with wild, reckless abandon.  Pinterest saves me from wasting more food than I care to admit, pulls me out of the depths of boredom with all the crafty ideas and even inspires me with beautiful little sayings.  I ❤ Pinterest.