1.  Vacuum cleaner.  My vacuum cleaner is slowly breaking down.  This particular vacuum is the one I’ve had the longest…a little over three years now.  I’m pretty rough on my vacuums, I guess you’re supposed to pick up things before you use it or something like that.  I’m thankful it’s hanging in there, since I just don’t have the cashola to buy a new one right now and I can NOT go without one.

2.  Sleep.  After several days of little to no sleep, I am feeling incredibly grateful to have slept well.  I don’t often have sleep issues, so when I do I’m a total baby about them.  In fact, I used to be pretty judgy-judgerson about those moms who complained about sleep.  Then, I had Milo and couldn’t sleep.  I get it now and I’m really sorry for being so judgy in the past.

3.  Ibuprofen.  I don’t care if it’s wreaking havoc on my liver, some days this is the only thing that takes my headaches away.

4.  Peppermint oil.  Believe it or not, this miracle oil is fairly new to my medicine cabinet.  Where has it been all my life???!!!  It doesn’t always make my headache go away, but it certainly helps and is pretty

5.  Husband not having to go in as early to work.  It’s always fun when he gets a call saying he can come in a bit later than we planned.  It’s like free time!

6.  Time alone with just the little kids.  I know I spend a larger amount of time/energy/patience on the two youngest members of our house, even though I try to divide it as equally as possible.  When the older two go to grandparents for a day or two, I enjoy being able to be fully present with them, cater to their whims, etc. without the guilt of leaving the others out or needing to spend time with them as well.

7.  Best friends who don’t mind umpteen phone calls in one day.  I have no idea how much umpteen actually is, but I have been known to call T at least ten times in one day.  We have the kind of relationship that involves two-minute phone calls about something funny happening in the store and I am often grateful for that.

8.  The rain stopped!  Well, for now at least.  Watching the status updates of friends in the flooding areas, it’s hard not to think “Oh no!” when the rain starts up each time.

9.  Not having to depend on a garden.  The garden has taken a huge hit with all the rain.  Two tomato plants died.  Thank goodness I have the ability and money to go to the store for food when the garden isn’t productive.

10.  Husband who brings home my favorite food, just because.  How much fun is that?!!

11.  Friends who stop by on their way through and our gracious about my messy house.  On their way to an educational retreat, two friends stopped by for a brief visit.  Unfortunately for them, I was knee-deep in my own little drama and totally unloaded on them.  They took it in stride, though, and once I realized what I was doing, we moved on to nicer subjects.

12.  Friends of Missouri Midwives.  I can’t be grateful the above-mentioned friends without being grateful for FoMM.  I’ve been involved for several years now, and the connections/friendships I’ve made are nothing to balk at.

13.  Lazy days of inactivity.  We didn’t do much today, in anticipation of a hectic two days coming up. I enjoy having the freedom to follow the little kids lead, playing outside or building blocks at our leisure.

14.  Headache gone.  I get headaches often, so when one starts and then stops instead of moving to migraine status, I am SO thankful!

15.  Cherries and chocolate.  This seemed like a good way to end the day and the post.  We’re still eating on those cherries we bought in bulk, plus M brought me home some fabulous chocolate.