1.  UU Fellowship and the UU House.  I lived in this town for years before discovering this gem of a place.  It’s a tiny, simple house and yet it provides so much.  La Leche League meets there, thanks to the generous community spirit of the UU Fellowship.

2.  La Leche League.  I have been aware of LLL since before my daughter was born because I danced with a leader’s daughter.  When I had my first baby, I had trouble getting started nursing and was so grateful when the local leader answered my tearful phone call from the hospital.  Since then, I’ve benefited multiple times from the information, suggestions and, of course, the camaraderie of nursing mothers present at meetings.  I love and appreciate LLL so much, this past year I became a leader myself.

3.  Fellow leaders.  It is nice to have more than one leader to talk to, bounce ideas off of, rotate with and more.  I appreciate that I can refer a mom to the more experienced leader in our group if I can’t figure out her question.  There are three of us, each with our own special gifts to offer mamas.  That is so cool!  It’s also really handy for unexpected problems like on this day, when one of us went to meet mamas at the new meeting location and one of us stayed behind to direct people.

4.  Quick thinking.  I showed up to prepare for our monthly LLL meeting to discover that the meeting space was not at all suitable.  After taking a few minutes, I cam up with a plan.  It worked!  I imagine that being able to think on my feet and formulate plans at the last-minute is going to come in handy during my midwifery days, so I am often grateful for this skill.

5.  Texting.  Having the text capability allowed me to instantly get in touch with several mamas who would have otherwise had to drive from one place to another.

6.  Breath Awareness/Deep Breathing.  Oh my, this was a necessary tool for making it through a meeting with rambunctious, curious children.  It worked wonders and allowed me to stay calm with them.

7.  Sweet, fresh but ancient, babies.  A friend came to the LLL meeting with her brand new baby.  Have you ever smelled a newborn?  They have an unmistakable scent that I swear every mother knows.  And those eyes, so wise.  This baby had the most adorable little chin dimple.  I could have stared all day.  Mama looked amazing!  She is a birth warrior…as they all are.

8.  Drunken text messages from friends.  Haha!  Maybe I’m weird, but it made me feel special to get a drunken text from a friend I haven’t seen in a while saying she missed me.  I keep my phone in the living room when I’m not on-call, so I didn’t see it until the next morning, which was even better (some of the special-ness might have worn off it woke me up in the middle of the night).

9.  Knowing my way around.  While waiting for possible attendees at the “bad” meeting spot, a van approached with a couple who didn’t speak English very well and were lost.  I quickly realized we weren’t getting anywhere with me trying to explain how to go, so I got in my car and asked them to follow.  Yay!

10.  Afternoon delight.  Sorry, that’s all the detail you get on this one.

11.  Tears.  Sometimes you just gotta cry, right?

12.  Intuition.  Mine’s not as rusty as I think it is.  Maybe I should listen to it a bit more.  I’m going to work on this one.

13.  Privilege.  I have a post in the works about this, as it’s something my midwifery study group has been discussing extensively.  Perhaps it’s rude or condescending or whatever, but I appreciate that I have some privileges.  I also appreciate being able to recognize the ones I do have/not have, the ones others have/don’t have and being interested/caring enough to want to change it for the better.  Awareness of a problem is the first step to solving it.

14.  Bank tellers who do their jobs.  I have to admit that this annoyed me first, because it was an inconvenience to me.  However, if it had been someone other than me trying to mess with my bank account, I would have been incredibly grateful they were stopped.  So, I accept and appreciate that this person was doing what was supposed to be done.

15.  Fairy tents.  My little friend, B, came over again and this is the first time *my* presence has been requested in the “fairy tent”.  Usually, mama is the only one asked to go in there.  How special that we’ve gotten to a point where I’m trusted enough to be a companion in there.  🙂