1.  Free learning resources.  As part of my midwifery study, I’m taking a physiology course through Coursera.  I haven’t utilized this type of resource before, so I wasn’t sure to what to expect.  I’m pleasantly surprised that not only are there video lectures, notes and a discussion forum, but I actually get to take exams!  How fun!  This doesn’t really “count” for anything as far as a degree goes (lucky for me I just want the knowledge), although they do offer some form of credit for a fee.

2.  Facebook’s scheduling option.  The discovery of this transformed my stress level about keeping a “presence” with the bazillion pages I manage.  Every so often I schedule a week’s worth of posts.  If I did that on a regular basis, I think it would be even better but I haven’t gotten quite that organized yet. 😉

3.  Having a washer/dryer in my home.  While having our morning sleep-snuggles, Milo peed.  Thanks to these wonderful appliances, I get to sleep tonight on clean sheets.

4.  Kid-free hours.  A friend and I are trying to switch kids at least once a week for two hours.  We both have our own businesses that have been sorely neglected while our young ones are so little and we’re both ready to foray back into … dare I say it …. possibly making some money??  If nothing else, we each enjoy having a bit of “free” time to do whatever strikes our fancy.

5.  Public library.  During my kid-free time on this day, I had the goal of getting started with my online course plus working on some more questions from another course (this one is self-study from a midwifery college who posted their syllabus online).  I wanted a spot where I could work on these with minimal interruption, relative quiet and no pressure to purchase something.  Library!  It was perfect.

6.  Postal Service.  I got a new (to me) textbook today!  Media mail is awesome.  It is super cheap and usually pretty reliable.  My mailperson is also nice and hands my mail-crazy kids whatever we get instead of ignoring them and shoving it in the box.

7.  Used books.  Oh yes, I am a book fan.  I like the smell of books, the feel of books, the look of books.  I also have a very limited budget, even for textbooks, so I am grateful to have access to used books that are more affordable.

8.  Air Conditioning.  The day started off nice enough, weather-wise, but quickly turned hot/sticky.  I can deal with hot, but I dislike sticky.  My carpet feels yucky when it gets sticky, which makes *me* feel yucky.  Thank goodness for a/c.

9.  Husband who cooks dinner.  I am always grateful for this.  My guy can cook!  I, on the other hand, am merely mediocre and have a tendency to grumble about doing dishes so I can cook, cooking and then doing dishes again/clean up.  When he cooks dinner, I’m delighted.  Mmm..

10.  A liquor store close by.  Sometimes, this is a nice perk.  It’s the end of the day and a stiff drink or mellow glass of wine sounds nice.  Going back to town is about ten miles or so, not too far, but certainly farther than we want to drive for just a glass of wine.  Luckily, I recently discovered a liquor store only a few miles down the road (how I lived here over two years without noticing that is a mystery to me).

11.  Food co-op coordinator.  The person who coordinates the bulk of our food cooperative is a treasure.  We often exchange ideas on how to use up the extra from sort day.  On this day, I would usually be out there doing my produce thing but we didn’t place an order this go around.  I completely forgot, however, that I did order from the “other” side and that it would need to be picked up!  The coordinator sent me a text reminding me and then graciously brought it to a meet spot the next day so I didn’t have to go out unexpectedly.

12.  Hot shower.  Some days, this is all I need to get back on track.  I keep my shower times to a minimum, so that when I do take a shower, I can have gloriously long and hot ones.

13.  Reading time.  I think I mentioned I really like books.  I read a lot when I was younger, but having four kids with a busy household is not the most conducive to accomplishing much reading.  Over the past few months, though, I’ve been more diligent about reading by cutting my internet “piddle” time, reading when nursing M to sleep and basically grabbing my current book whenever I have a few minutes to spare.  I didn’t realize how much I’d missed regular reading until I started doing it again.

14.  CHOCOLATE.  At my request, M brought home an entire box of chocolates.  Chocolate is amazing.  Chocolate is wonderful.

14.  Comfy bed.  At the end of pretty much every day, my body is exhausted.  I take this as a good sign (mostly) and fall into bed grateful to stretch out, lay (lie?) my head on the pillow and snooze.  I’ve never owned a brand new mattress, but the one we currently have had very little wear when we were gifted it.  Of course, I’m sure the knowledge that it was free has a little something to do with how comfy it is.  🙂