I just finished reading John Kralik’s365 Thank Yous: The Year a Simple Act of Daily Gratitude Changed My Life [Deckle Edge] [Hardcover](2010)and it was a fabulous read!  I was inspired by John’s experience with gratitude, from start to finish.  I read the book in two days, which is nothing short of a miracle for me (and yes, the kids were fed during that time thankyouverymuch).  I thought about all the times I get caught up in the negativity rather than seeing the beauty and kindness I’m surrounded with.  Perhaps a little project of my own could help with that?  While a year of writing thank you notes sounds fun to me, I know better than to make any kind of commitment that involves more than a month or so, especially when money might be involved.  Instead, I thought a little blog challenge would be more up my alley.

Here’s the challenge:

30 days of posts about what I’m grateful for that day.


1.  I can be grateful for people, places, things…the sky is the limit.

2.  15 per day, at least.  How did I come up with 15?  Well, honestly, I started with the idea of 30 and realized that might be a little too much each day without getting really nit-picky about what I’m grateful for.  Ten seemed to little, too easy.  I settled on a compromise of 15 because when I started working on the two days I’ve had so far, I started having to really think around 10 – 12.

3.  One thank you note per day, stemming from something that happened that particular day.  This must be handwritten and either hand-delivered or mailed.

4.  Repetition is allowed, within reason.  I’m doing this because I am often grateful for something my husband or kids or a friend does.  Being grateful for the same thing the same person does over and over again is not okay, but same person doing something different is okay.

I’m looking forward to acknowledging all the great things in my life!  What are you grateful for?

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