Pardon the crappy photo…my professional photographer seems to think she has a real job that doesn’t involve hopping over to my house whenever I need a good picture taken.  😉

It’s hard to believe the time has flown by so quickly.  My “baby” is two!  The hours, the days, the nights…they drag on and on, but the months and years zoom past.  Isn’t that strange?  I think all parents understand this time conundrum.

If you’re new to my corner of the web, you can read all about Milo’s birth.  Last night, I was laying in bed reflecting upon it.  I was thinking about how awesome the birth part was, but also about the almost-crippling anxiety that has persisted throughout his life.  I realized, as I was thinking about the seemingly forever moments when his head was the only part born and I convinced myself that his cord was out on top of it, that the anxiety is actually not something that began with his birth, but the moment I thought I might lose him when I was around nine weeks pregnant.  For the most part, I think I keep it in check (although I did much better when he was still inside me!), but it is an ever-present part of our lives now.

Experiencing that, one would think I am forever grateful for each day with him, right?  Nope!  I still get annoyed when he whines on and on about watching another episode of “Wonder Pets” or get frustrated when he refuses to stay in the cart at the store.  Apparently, being infinitely aware of just how fragile life is does NOT mean that am also infinitely patient.  *Sigh*

Did you see the picture at the top?  Oh my goodness!  Grandma really scored big time with hooded bath towels, a la Batman, for the little ones at Winter Solstice.  Capes are pretty much a daily occurrence around here, either Batman or the homemade-from-tee-shirt ones (check them out on Pinterest).  Some days, he’ll even wear a cape to playgroup or his friend’s houses.  He also likes to run into a room, put his hands on his hips and say, “Daaa da-da” in his gruff superhero voice.

His teeth are awful.  Seriously.  I HATE teeth.  HATE THEM!  I don’t care that they help us chew are food and talk and whatever…they suck.  We did notice a halt in the crumbling of them when we removed gluten from his diet, so I guess that’s something.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t fast enough and he needs work on several teeth.  Fortunately, we are smarter than we were with his brother and now know to find out about charges/billing ahead of time so we can avoid the $10,000 bill (in case you’re wondering, we don’t have $10,000).

I know you can’t see the hair in the picture above, so I took some pictures just for you to see the awesome curliness that makes up his little mop.  It’s one of my favorite features about him.











What else?  Oh!  He’s sort of brutish!  He is somewhat massive for his age and has no bones about throwing his weight around.  He’s not mean, just knows what he wants and goes for it with gusto.  Lots of gusto.

He calls both himself and his brother “Lilo”, which I think is incredibly adorable.  He likes to tell me which side he wants to nurse by poking it and saying “sis side!”  When he gets mad, he furrows his brow and speaks to me with a deep, grumbly voice.  When he gets tired, he pulls me into the bedroom to lay down and nurse to sleep.  *heart melts*

I guess that’s it.  He’s two.  TWO.


It goes by too fast and not fast enough, all in one breath.