A while back I started watching Lie to Me, a show about a behavioral scientist who is basically a human lie detector.  The show itself is quite entertaining and thought-provoking, but what really stuck with me was a series of seemingly simple interchanges involving a supporting character, Eli Loker.  At the beginning of the first episode, his superior questions his tardiness and the answer he gives appears to be sarcasm.  Later on in the show, we learn that the character actually practices radical honesty.  I found this intriguing when we watched the show and thought it would be interesting to be that way.

For several months, I have been mulling over the subjects of honesty and lying with respect to energy output/input, mental/physical health and relationships.  We already know that our outlook can deeply affect us and those around us, but how far does that go?  Some speculate that holding in our negative “energy” is making us sick and I’m starting to believe that.  Furthermore, I’m starting to question the ethics of even the “little white lie”.

I’ve begun to wonder what life would look like if we were all honest, all the time.  Would it actually be more difficult?  Or, would we be free of the chains that bind us?  Would our relationships suffer, wither and die, or would they be deeper and more fulfilling than we ever thought imaginable?  These are just a few of the many, many questions I hope to answer for myself with this project.


The Radical Honesty Experiment:

One week.  No lies.


I can give the other person in the conversation a warning of my experiment and the option to walk away.  Sort of like Morpheus offering Neo the blue pill or the red pill…that way, it’s up to the other person to hear the truth (my truth) or not.

I can choose not to be honest with those who do not function in reality.  I have contact with a couple of those and allowing them their safe haven they’ve constructed for themselves is safer for everyone concerned.

I will be completely honest about my truths, but other people’s are off-limits.  Yes, I know that really all truths *I think/believe* are my truths, but you get the point.  I carry around a lot of private information about others, and that’s just going to have to be okay.

Here we go…