While I was watching the baby sleep this morning, hands up by his head, I realized that I am going to forget these moments.  Sure, I’ll remember a few bits and pieces, but many of these take-my-breath-away snapshots will be lost in the archives of my mind.  I’d love to be one of those moms who can tell you what her kid did when he was exactly five hundred and two days old, but I’m not.  I like to think that it’s because I enjoy them for the people they are now instead of who they were, but who knows!  Anyway, it’s another reason I’m thankful that I have this blog and fabulous photographer friends who take gorgeous pictures of my family.

Enjoy these photos, taken by Karen Orozco of Portraits and Paws Photography, along with some cherished moments I want to remember about my baby.

Dearest Milo, here are the things I love about you right now:

I love the way you sleep, with your arms flailed out above your head and your legs spread wide at the hips.  You take up a large amount of bed space!  You still smile in your sleep, fleeting little half-smiles that are easy to miss when we’re not paying attention.  You also love to push your dad in the middle of the night, which I find endearing and he does not.

I love the tops of your feet.  They’re plump and adorable.  They pad around the house at a super-fast speed, forcing us to actually work at catching you when you want to get away.  I love the tiny curls forming in the back of your hair.  They are small and perfect and beautiful.  Your giant hands are so adorable, especially when they’re reaching for my face or stroking my arm.

When I tell you no, you scrunch up your face, put your head on the floor and your butt in the air.  It’s adorable.  Sometimes you do that just for fun…then it’s even more adorable.  I love the way you run with one arm in front and one arm pulled out behind.  You point at what you want, sometimes grunting also.  My sweet little barbarian.

When you smile, it’s with your whole face.  Your duck face knocks my socks off.  Could you be any cuter?  You sign with both hands and your face.  Nurse is “nur, nur, nur”.  You’ve discovered that saying “ma-ma-ma” results in big bubbles coming out of your mouth.  Communication is getting clearer, even though you don’t use many words yet.  You’ve realized I usually understand when you point.

Duck Face

I have a lot of fun with you, sweet boy!