In honor of my 100th post on this blog, I thought it would be fun to look back on why I started blogging in the first place.  Enjoy!

You may not be aware of this, but I have a lot of passion about midwifery (you’re shocked, right?).  Over time, this passion has led me to do many things, not the least of which is throw my energies into political activism (at least on the state level).  I wasn’t always this vocal, though…well, maybe I was but not in a blog format.  The blog part of it came about in 2007.  I originally started out on Blogger, which was great for getting my feet wet.  Click here for the old blog; I’ve linked to the first post I ever made, so you can read through my “evolution” if you’re bored and want to waste some time.  🙂

In the early days of visiting the Capitol. Free the Midwives Rally (I'm coming down the stairs in the way back!)

I still remember coming home from my first trip to lobby at the Capitol and feeling so disgruntled.  I learned more in that one day than I learned in years of social studies/civics classes…and I paid attention!  I was so ANGRY, but didn’t know where to go with it.  Facebook wasn’t big yet, so I thought: Why not a blog? Then I can say whatever I want, whenever I want!  I came up with the name because of the way legislators acted when midwifery was brought up, very similar to the characters from Wizard of Oz.  Sometimes, they would be fearful like the lion, other times they were ignorant like the scarecrow (although the legislators didn’t have the excuse of being made without brains…they were just choosing not to utilize them) and, even worse, at times there were legislators who seemed not to have hearts, like the tin man.  And so, “Midwives, Doulas, Home Birth, OH MY!” was born. This blog has morphed into more of my personal journey than I originally intended, so I have toyed with the idea of changing the name to reflect that.  However, I just can’t bring myself to do it.  I love the name!

This blog has followed me through several life changes, including a marriage, two pregnancies and births, and many more.  It has served as a way for me to sort through my feelings/thoughts and (hopefully) provided some support for others going through similar trials.

Anyway, I like to think that although my original purpose has changed slightly with the legalization of midwifery in Missouri, there is still that passionate thread running through here.  I feel strongly that it’s important to accurately reflect where I’m at, my struggles and my triumphs, as well as various articles or blogs that I find relevant/interesting to this journey of life.  Thanks so much for coming with me and I sincerely hope that you’ll stick around for the next 100!