Two things in today’s short post:


For those of you who love birthy things and read this blog for that, I promise I have some posts in the works that fit with the title of this blog!  For those of you who like reading all the other stuff, congratulations!  I have a lot going on right now and the writing that is coming out revolves around many subjects that have nothing to do with birth.  So, a little of something for everyone…

Getting Help

For too many years, I have struggled with the possibility that one of my children may process things differently than the rest of the family.  The time has come when I can no longer pretend to go on as though we’re functioning okay.  Almost daily, there is an issue that leaves at least one member (although usually ALL of us) feeling frustrated or unheard.  We have entered into a realm of not knowing what to do, no longer being able to gloss over things and really, truly needing some “expert” guidance.  We are out of our league.  So, calls have been made, paperwork (and lots of it!) is being filled out and we’ll see where this journey takes us.  I plan to write about this in more detail, but for now, this will have to suffice.