things not to say to me during labor.

I found this post intriguing because I think I’m pretty firmly entrenched in what most people (at least in my area) would consider the hippy-dippy camp.  However, I also get what she’s saying about the romanticizing of birth.

My own personal experiences with the births of my children felt, in no way, shape or form, like rosy little walks in the park or whatever.  The words I would use to describe laboring and giving birth to my little ones are words like: raw, gritty, intense, powerful and hard freakin’ work.  Even the last one, which was the only birth (out of four) that didn’t include any curse words and actually was fairly serene, still encompassed all those.

In thinking about birth work, though, this post is a great reminder that each family is different and that my job is to find out what works for them…not whatever imagery or words *I* am drawn to.  I hope I do this.  I think I do.  I remember one potential client, a few years back, asked if I was comfortable reading bible verses to her during labor.  I told her I would be happy to do that for her, and I would have been, even though it certainly wasn’t something I would have come up with on my own or enjoyed during my labor.  My job, though, is to be what mom/family needs…not what I would have wanted/needed.