Operation No More Nursing, Day One, Day Two, Day Three, Day Four, Day Five

He slept with Daddy all night long on the pull-out!  M and I enjoyed the luxuriousness of just one adult and one baby…can you imagine all the room we had?!  Anyway, C was stirring when we went out to the living room.  He woke up happy!  He seemed to think it was pretty cool that he slept with Daddy in the living room.

We didn’t go anywhere all day, so we had more than a few times of asking to nurse.  Each time, though, he accepted something else.  His chart is now FULL of stickers, all from today!  He didn’t put any on there Wednesday, Thursday or Friday, but today he decided it was lacking and used up the rest of the Toy Story ones.  He seems to have forgotten about his prize, which was okay because we need another day to get rid of all the sick germs before we head out.

In the evening, he threw his unwanted tangerine strings on the floor.  I started to tell him to pick them up, but caught myself and asked him instead.  He told me no.  I explained that those needed to be in the trash and that he should pick them up, since he’s the one who threw them on the floor.  He yelled “NO!  I will NOT pick those up.  You put them on the floor and you have to pick them up!”  I asked him why he yelled at me and he told me that he was angry at me just like I was angry at him yesterday.  Wow.  I was a bit stunned by this.  So, we talked about being angry, how I did get angry, why I got angry, why he was now angry and on and on.  In the end, I told him that I would be happy to help him by picking up the strings, but that I wanted him to ask me nicely (which he did).

I guess I don’t have much else to report today, just a mellow stay-at-home day.  He requested to sleep on the couch all by himself tonight, informing us that he’s a “big boy” and because of that he won’t get scared.  I guess we’re going to try it, although for some reason the idea of him on the couch by himself seems scary to me.  Or maybe it’s just one of those pangs that he’s growing up quickly, right before my eyes.