Operation No More Nursing

Operation No More Nursing, Day One

Operation No More Nursing, Day Two

I think it’s safe to say that 6:30 will be our new get-up time.  In many ways, I am finding it much more pleasant than the lay-in-bed-nursing-back-to-sleep time that often led to a bit more sleep, but more than one also led to annoyance.  This way, we just get up (M usually sleeps in a bit longer, especially if Daddy is home to snuggle with) and start our morning routine.  It also gives us a chance to have some quality alone time.  I didn’t realize how grumbly I had been in the mornings until I wasn’t.  It is much easier to get up with one and get him settled (as well as start my coffee) before dealing with kidlet #2.  Everyone is happier!

This morning, he rustled and got into our bed pretty quickly/quietly.  He did ask for me to move M, but once I did that, he snuggled right in and went back to sleep.  I don’t know what time it was, but I was thankful he chose to sleep instead of wake up.  Some time later, as the sun was thinking about rising, he woke up in earnest.  I felt his little hand creep around my side, searching for the boob.  “I wannna nurse youuu.” I whispered that we weren’t nursing and he asked for cereal.  I was nursing M, so I told him that as soon as he was done eating (I’ve been careful to use “eating” instead of “nursing” at volatile times) I would get up with him.  Then, we both fell back asleep.  A little while later, he rustled awake again and….did NOT ask to nurse!  He asked for his cereal.  I got up with him and we had a pleasant little chunk of time together before the rest of the house started waking up.

I’m finding it interesting that although one of my chief complaints going into this was being “touched out”, I find myself choosing to cuddle more than I did before.  Could it be that stopping the nursing is the catalyst for restoring the physical balance in our relationship?  I want to hold and snuggle him, when before it was all I could do not to shove him off me (which, ashamedly, I did a few times).  I also have way more patience with him than I’ve had in the last several months.

Today was another long stretch of being away from home; we went to Springfield for Daddy’s birthday.  I don’t think he asked at all while we were gone, and only asked twice once we were back.  I thought he was going to get upset, but he just kind of whined a bit and then M jumped in with the sticker chart.  The No More Nursing did come up while we were at Barnes and Noble, though.  He saw a big Star Wars Lego set and asked for it.  I told him that we weren’t getting it today and he said he wanted that instead of a video game.  When I prodded a bit more, he reminded me that the video game was his prize for No More Nursing.  Adorable!  I even brought his dad over to get the explanation.  I guess you had to be there, but I was beside myself with how big and proud he was of himself.  I so wanted to buy him the set, but B & N prices are RIDICULOUS!  His dad didget him evil Dr. Porkchop from Toy Story 3 while I was checking out the birth book selection, but he’s more of a pushover than I am.  😉

He took a nap on the way home and, surprisingly, didn’t wake up asking to nurse.  During his normal evening insanity, he also did not ask to nurse.  Perhaps we really are making progress?!