Today is the first day of our new “no nursing” regimen, which I explained here.

This morning, my silly husband and I woke up early thinking we could squeeze in some much-needed “adult” time.  Ha!  Our little exquisitely protect their stations in the family by waking up just at the point-of-entry.  If this has ever happened to you, then you will understand why I knew my husband’s face was angry fire-red even though it was almost pitch black!

Anyway, C woke up around 5am with what always sounds like a drunken, whiny sailor: “I wannanurse youuuu”.  Usually, I will nurse him until the count of twenty and then stop.  Sometimes he cries and sometimes he doesn’t.  This morning, I reminded him that we weren’t nursing anymore, but we could put stickers on the chart.  He asked for his chocolate milk (the remnants of which I threw away the night before because he threw up everywhere after drinking it), and got upset when I tried to placate with other things.  Eventually, miraculously, I was able to get him back to sleep for a bit.

Once we were up in earnest, it wasn’t so difficult to use logic with him as opposed to trying to placate.  I reminded him of his chart and his prize, which he happily scribbled on twice.

We also spent a good chunk of the morning/early afternoon out of the house.  You might call this cheating, but I call it “sanity saver”.  We did purchase some stickers for the chart while out, one set of Spiderman and one set of Toy Story, although we may have to get more if he continues putting multiple ones on at a time.  It seems to be working fairly well.  When he comes up and says “I wanna nurse you”, I remind him that we’re not nursing any more, but that we can go put a sticker on the chart.  Usually, he says okay and that’s that.  I also offer sitting on my lap, holding, cuddling, snacks, water and so on.

I was gone all evening to meetings, so we didn’t have an issue there and we don’t usually nurse to sleep, so we navigated all that pretty well.  He was still up having crazy time (no, seriously) when I went to bed with the baby, but at some point he crawled into bed with me and we snuggled for a few minutes before he fell asleep.

Day one down!