It seems like everywhere I turn, lessons on forgiveness abound. Several groups I participate in are chock full of this right now, as are various articles that keep popping up in my news feed. I think the universe is trying to help me…or send me a message! Okay universe, I’m listening. Here’s what I think you’re trying to tell me:

Listen more ~ This serves a dual purpose. If I’m truly listening, I might realize that what’s being said is less about me. I also probably won’t have as much time or energy to get bothered.

Think less ~ The more I think about the things, the more I find to analyze, pick at and so on. Maybe my brain needs a break every now and again.

Wear shoes ~ No, not mine. The other person’s. Yes, I know this advice has been around for a ridiculously long time, but how often do I actually remember to do this?

Speak up now ~ This one is huge. It makes perfect sense, though. If I speak my hurt in the moment, there won’t be anything to dwell on. There also won’t be anything to go back and re-hash later.

React with love ~ Eek. This one may be a little tough. Loving myself is easy, but remembering to love the person who’s hurting me is not. If I react out of love, though, I will be less apt to hurt back.