This time of year, celebrations are in full swing.  While the specifics of our beliefs may be different, many are centered around birth in some form…..either metaphorically or literally.  For me, this time of year represents peace, hope, joy and faith ~ the same characteristics I see in many pregnant and birthing mamas/babies.

Peace ~  For many women, pregnancy is a time of peace.  A time to focus inward on the new person growing inside.  A time to find the peace in relationships and within herself to traverse the road of labor in order to meet her baby.

Hope ~ Pregnant women and new babies are quite possibly the most hopeful sights I’ve ever seen.  The hope of new life, the hope of finding she is capable of way more than she ever imagined, the hope of loving someone unconditionally without even trying and hope for a better future.

Joy ~  Even in the most unwelcome circumstances, bringing forth a child into this world is one of the most joy-filled events.  Most of us can not help but be overwhelmed with joy upon seeing a newly-born baby’s sweet face crumpled in mama’s loving arms, tiny fists of plump little fingers and wiggly toes.  For those of us who have experienced and/or witnessed it, nothing compares to the joy of a mother viewing her precious baby for the first time.  It’s a look that one does not forget.

Faith ~  So much faith goes into having a baby.  Faith that our bodies can and will do amazing things, faith that our children will grow healthy and strong inside us, faith that our journeys of pregnancy, labor and birth are exactly what mama/baby need.  Sometimes, our faith is tested when the outcome is not as we wished and yet, when faced with the journey again, we still have faith.

I hope that whatever traditions or celebrations your family participates in are full of these gifts.  May your holidays be peaceful, hopeful, joyful and faithful.