It seems like M is growing at lightning speed.  I know he started out big, but he’s just flying through milestones and getting more toddler-like every day.  I’m not ready!  We aren’t planning any more children, so I was hoping he would stay a baby for a long time…at least a few years is reasonable, right?

I love the way he crawls to me and “asks” to be picked up by flailing his arms or clawing my pants.  I love the way he growls.  I even love the way we can’t “play” with other babies his age because he tries to eat them.  He wants to eat so badly, and most of the time he’s successful.  He is super smart (yes, I know I’m biased) and freakishly strong.  Seriously.  As in, Incredible Hulk strong.  I think he’s going to be that kid who moves mountains, literally.

How is it possible that in under a year he’s gone from this:

38 weeks pregnant

to this:

A few hours after birth

to this:

Adorable at 3 weeks


to this:

Squishy 7 weeker


then this:

Smiling at 6 months


And finally, today:

7 months, mischief-style

Standing up!