Birthday Boy anxiously awaiting his chocolate chip pancake breakfast

As I wrote last year, I can’t help but reflect on the birth of my children each birth day and with the advent of my blogs, now I share those reflections each year.  Today is my oldest son’s 10th birthday…10!  Holy cow!!

Thinking about my first two children always brings out the activist in me.  They are the reasons I do what I do.  L, because I knew there was a better way and B, because I experienced  the better way.

My thoughts back then seem so foreign to me now…like waiting to tell the grandparents we were having him at home until I was in the third trimester, or being worried about going “over” due (although that concern had a foundation of legitimacy due to legal constraints, but that’s a whole different post).  I also remember the “Ha!” feeling of eating when I felt like it, subsequently throwing up and then not being berated for it, having my wishes taken seriously/listened to/followed, and having my baby in my sight the entire time.

Moving past the birth, B has been an amazing little person who inspires and challenges me almost daily.  Some days, it’s more frustrating than not, but I still miss him tons when he’s gone for even just a day.  He questions everything, and I do mean everything, rarely taking someone’s word without verifying it first.  Because of him, I evaluate my parenting choices and philosophies on a regular basis…he pushes me to be a better parent.  He is a tremendous big brother to his younger siblings and the perfect complement to his older sister (which results in LOTS of fights and LOTS of strategic parenting).

Obliging Colin with a shared picture

Yesterday, we were looking at his baby pictures for a yearbook his co-op is making and he chose this picture from when he was a baby.  He asked me if he always smiled when he saw me, and I told him yes.  The smile he gave me at that reminded me of “baby” him.

"Mom, did I always smile when I saw you?"

I could go on, but I’ve promised chocolate chip pancakes this morning and they are not going to cook themselves!