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Last weekend, I had the honor of showing some pieces I own in the 1st Annual MotherBaby Art Show sponsored by Kelly Caldwell, CPM of Dar a Luz Women’s Care.  Everything about the event was beautiful…the hotel it was hosted in, the displays of art, the food and so on.  There were many pieces I wanted to take home.  The purpose of the event was twofold, to show beautiful works of art centered around birth and motherhood, and to raise funds for  A Mother’s Love Birthing Center (run by Rachel Williston, CNM, CPM).

Kelly hopes to have this event every year, with the funds helping a different birth center each time.  I’m looking forward to it and have already started  thinking about the pieces I would like to enter.  What do you have to show off??

One display area including my pieces. The prayer flags from my Mother Blessing (hanging up), two polymer clay belly beads and a framed maternity portrait (small one in the middle). The large print on the right is multiple shots of a nursing baby by Rebecca Block.