Short little post this morning while I’m rushing to make it to La Leche League on time, for a change…

A friend posted about resting on her status this morning. Knowing she is expecting, my first response was to comment “Growing a baby is hard work!” A year and a half ago, I would have followed through with my response without a second thought. Now, though, I made sure to scroll through her recent posts and make sure that there was no mention of trouble with the pregnancy or a loss. After satisfying myself that there was no mention other than the joyous announcement of her pregnancy, I posted the comment.
I suppose I’m grateful, in a way, for this enhanced sensitivity and awareness…hopefully, it will keep me from unintentionally inflicting more pain on an already vulnerable mama. But it comes with a price. I don’t want to think about mamas dealing with loss and all the pain that comes with it. I don’t want to be aware. Sometimes ignorance really is bliss….