3 days old with proud big brother


Somehow, I always forget just how sweet the newborn phase is.  I forget the smell that draws me in and makes we want to do nothing but cuddle with my tiny (ha!) baby for days on end.  Right now, I’m knee deep in that.

Milo, how I love thee, let me count the ways:

1. your curled up little hands that get lint in them

2. your scrunched up little legs that make you look like a frog ready to leap

3. the fat roll at the top of your nose, right between your brows

4.  your smushy nose 

5.  how you love to sleep with your chin on my breast

6. how you open wide and try to suck anything you can when it’s time to eat (dad’s nipple, my arm, brother’s finger, whatever!)

7. the way you can’t fit into anything we have for you…both diapers and clothes

8. your bright eyes that seem to know my face already

10. your determination to get wherever it is you need to go, even though it’s usually only a few inches

11.  the smiles, always the smiles