When:  Monday March 21 at 4:00pm
Where:  Public House Brewing Company 600 North Rolla St. Suite B
RSVP:  Summer 573-202-5386, peacefulbeginnings1@gmail.com
             Trisha 573-364-3830, goodridgefam_of4@hotmail.com
Other details:  Snacks and drinks provided

Representative Dr. Keith Frederick is an orthopedic surgeon and has been a strong supporter of Talboy’s HB301 (aka: the “regulate midwives into oblivion” bill), actively encouraging his committee members to vote yes by quoting the flawed Wax Study and touting a 3x increase in neonatal mortality for home birth babies. Not only has he stated his opinion that babies will be dying all over the place under the care of Certified Professional Midwives, but his fellow committee members have reported receiving almost daily emails from him, asking them to support HB301. He also recently created a video to educate his colleagues about this issue: http://keithf123.smugmug.com/Other/Colleague-Videos/15961276_vZR7P#1197716513_Xzcnp

In the last week, Rep. Frederick suddenly did an “about-face” regarding his opposition to Certified Professional Midwives. It’s been difficult to know what to think about this change of position, so he was asked to sign onto the GOOD Certified Professional Midwifery licensure bill. He declined to do that, but decided to file his own bill instead. His bill puts midwives under the doctor’s board, but does remove some of the other requirements that would have made it impossible for midwives to practice. His current bill will still make it unlikely that Certified Professional Midwives will be able to practice in Missouri, or at the very least would most likely be banned from doing many things like they are in Arkansas – if you are a VBAC, have more than 5 children, ever failed a gestational diabetes test? No homebirth for you!
Dr. Frederick’s bill is HB887.  To read the bill, follow this link:

There is concern about how much influence Dr. Frederick has over the other Representatives since he is the only MD in the House at this time. His position is more dangerous now because he is seen as having compromised and now having a “reasonable” position – one that many legislators would be happy to support.

At this moment, the most important thing we can do in the entire state is either convince Dr. Frederick that we are right (CPMs DO know what they’re doing, and don’t need a doctor to make all the decisions and protocols for them!), OR to convince him that it would be best to keep his hands off trying to make the decisions about how to regulate midwives because there are so many homebirthing/midwife-supporting voters in his district!

Please, please come!  Yes, the time is very inconvenient, and it may require leaving work early on Monday, but do your best to show up and let Rep. Frederick know that having the legal right to a midwife is important to you and your friends and family!