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Once again, I am saddened to see that some silly legislator has taken it upon himself to “fix” Midwifery in Missouri.  I cannot accurately express how frustrating it is to know that many, many people worked their tails off to make Midwifery legal in Missouri only to have to come back and try to fend this off. We have a law for Midwives and it works!

Feeling motivated?  Good!  Take a few minutes to call, email or fax your legislator and let him/her know that legal access to Midwifery care is important to you.  Here are the bare bones facts:

Representative Mike Talboy is sponsoring House Bill 301.  To read the bill, click here.  This bill effectively bars Certified Professional Midwives from practicing in Missouri by putting them directly under the control of doctors (collaborative practice agreement, Board of Healing Arts, etc.) and requiring malpractice insurance.  It also requires the Midwife to file a notice of intent to home deliver with the state, who will maintain a public database of said notices.  WHAT?!?  That’s right, under this bill, YOU will be listed in a permanent and public database with other home birthers.  As a citizen with supposed rights to privacy, I am horrified by this line in the bill.  Don’t get me wrong, there are a ton of that I dislike and maybe one of these days I’ll highlight them all for you, but this one is HUGE.

Want to do something about it?  You can and it’s easy!  Here’s what to do:

1.  Contact your Senator and Representative to let them know what you think about this bill.  You can look up your legislator by clicking here and following the “legislator look up” on the lower right side of the page.  This will take you to your legislator’s page and you will see his/her contact information.  Call, write, email or fax.  You can keep it simple and to-the-point with “I oppose HB301” or you can expand a little more with “Continued access to legal Midwifery is important to me because…”  or “Missouri’s Midwife law is working fine, why change it?”

2.  Contact the members (especially the chairwoman) of the Professional Registration and Licensing committee and ask them to vote NO on HB301.  You can find them by clicking here for a list of names, then clicking on each individual’s name for his/her contact information.

3.  Attend Friends of Missouri Midwives’ 7th Annual Cookie Day and the Case for Freedom Rally on Wednesday February 9.  For more information, click here.  The rally is free and Debra Pascali-Bonaro of Orgasmic Birth fame will be speaking, followed by a Q&A.

4.  Bring cookies to someone in your area who is going to Cookie Day, if you can’t.  Across the state, there are multiple drop off points for cookies.  Packages should have 4-6 cookies apiece and a little note or tag with your family’s name and/or picture and/or a brief explanation of what Midwifery means to you attached.  To find a drop off point, email Summer at peacefulbeginnings1@gmail.com with your name and location.

See?!?  That’s not very much work, but it will make a big difference, I promise!