Today I picked up my Prenatal Yoga Deck again.  It’s been sitting in a corner in my closet, undisturbed, since the last time I used it:  the day I miscarried last March.  In fact, I was in the middle of doing some simple yoga breathing on my back when I felt something give in a semi-painful way.  Then, I felt a small amount of warm fluid come out and I knew.  I put the yoga deck away a few days later and haven’t touched it since.

In my logical brain, I know that the yoga breathing  had nothing to with was merely coincidental that I happened to be doing that at that exact moment.  However, as much as I wanted to pick the yoga back up again, I just couldn’t bring myself to do it.

Getting it out was the first step.  A few weeks ago, I got the deck out of my closet and set it on my dresser.  Every time I was in my room, I looked at it.  Sometimes, I picked it up and held it.  Then, I decided it was high time I get my butt in gear!  I had forgotten how peaceful I find yoga to be and one of the first warm up exercises I did was exactly what I’ve been needing for my aching hips. 

I’m glad to finally have that resource back in my toolbox, and I feel proud of myself for overcoming the negative attachment.  🙂