When I started the original blog, many moons and a different host ago, it was because I was so frustrated with the hypocritical, self-serving, ignorant behavior I encountered at the Capitol while trying to help get midwifery decriminalized.  If you think I’m being overly critical, keep in mind that one of my first visits involved a man telling me that unless “his doctors” said it was okay, he didn’t want to even listen to what anyone else had to say about midwifery.

Not all of them were/are like this, of course.  There were people who would courteously listen to what we had to say before giving us the brush off.  There were also people who actually listened and/or supported our cause.  Unfortunately, the majority just really didn’t give a crap.  If it was obvious that a large percentage of their constituency felt strongly about midwifery, they *might* take action.  Even then, it wasn’t always guaranteed.  I remember one, in particular, who simply refused to listen to anyone…from his district or not.

So, I started a blog to vent about how ridiculous it was that anyone should have the right to tell me who can and cannot attend my birth.  A few years later, I wrote with overwhelming joy that midwifery had finally become legal…Missouri was out of the dark ages!  My poor blog was neglected for quite some time.  I got pregnant, had a baby and focused on that for awhile.  Eventually, the urge to write about birth happenings struck me again and here we are.

I never thought, though, that I would have to face the ridiculousness that is HB2284 (yes, I know, I am naive).  Unlike a traditional threat, where someone says “I don’t like you and I’m going to fight you”, this bill has the appearance of being not so bad.  It only sets up a board and licenses midwives, right?  Where’s the harm in that?  Plenty!  Lucky for us (you know, the families this affects?!), this bill probably won’t go very far.

Just in case, though, I’m keeping my ear to the ground.