Recently, a friend on one of my various email list asked for a recommendation on OBs for a particular situation.  I found it sad that, more than once, a commenter used the phrase “Dr. ____ let me”.  I wonder how much we could affect change by simply changing our phrasing/thought process on this.  In my opinion, it is not up to anyone else to “let” me do anything.  My body, my baby, my responsibility.  (Personal responsibility is a whole other blog post I’m working on)

I wonder if we started saying to the care provider “This is what I’m going to do” as opposed to “Can I do this?”, what would happen?  If we never put them on the pedestal in the first place, then they can’t fall off.  How do we go about doing this?  How do I help women reclaim their bodies without pushing my own views?  Is it my place to suggest that we have a right to control what is being done to/with our bodies?