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I apologize for yet another change to my poor, poor blog.

A while back, I had a discussion with another birthworker friend of mine.  The subject of the discussion was the term “junkie” when used in reference to someone who enjoys working with birth and how that description is not very healthy.  The term junkie conjures up images (at least for me) of greasy haired, stinky people laying in doorways of abandoned buildings with needles sticking out of their arms.

Why, then, would I choose to have the word junkie in my blog url?  To be honest, I didn’t even give it a second thought.  My original blog on blogspot, was started in haste several years ago after a particularly frustrating trip to our state capitol.  I could have used the term “passionate” or even “obsessed”, but I didn’t.

Perhaps part of this is because working with birth CAN become an addiction.  While the high you get from attending a birth is purely natural, it is a high nonetheless.  Watching a family be born, witnessing a baby take his/her first breath, seeing a woman find her power and roar; all these and more are the reasons I love working with birth.  They are also the reasons I have to remember to not become a junkie always looking for my next “fix”.

In any case, I am junkie no more!